Top 5 reasons why you should think about Japan!

Have you thought about investing in Japan?

JETRO outline in their report called “Why Japan” (2017) 5 key reasons why you should consider investing in Japan.

1. Growing economy

  • Japanese economy steadily recovering from deflation
  • Business performance showing significant improvement
  • Effective tax rate declining
  • Corporate governance
  • Deregulation and structural reform
  • Promotion of inward foreign direct investment (FDI)
  • Government actively promoting FDI
  • Attracting overseas visitors to Japan

2. Sophisticated market

This is a massive drawing card for Japan.

  • World’s 3rd largest GDP
  • Attractive market for foreign companies
  • Japan’s regional economies have GDP’s equal to those of whole countries
  • Tokyo is the city with the world’s largest population
  • Sophisticated customers set world standards
  • Japan is where global enterprises aggregate
  • A market where foreign companies flourish

3. Innovation Hub

Japan certainly seems to attract high innovation levels. This was shown when we visited Japan last year and the networking events we attended.

  • World class research and number of researchers
  • Environment that generates innovation
  • Better environment for the development and patent application of drugs and medical devices
  • Innovation from Japanese companies
  • Innovation created by foreign companies in Japan
  • Many noble peace prize winners produced

4. Business friendly infrastructure

This is one of the key considerations when considering Japan. JETRO reports that the key 5 reasons for this are:

  • Outstanding environment for business
  • Japan’s IT infrastructure highly praised by foreign companies
  • Global companies validate Japan’s infrastructure
  • Japan’s stable infrastructure service
  • Low infrastructure fees
  • Japan’s transport system (in our opinion, the best in the world!)

5. Comfortable living environment

Japan is recognised as one of the safest places in the world. Having lived in Japan and visited numerous times for holidays and business we completely agree with this.

  • Safe and peaceful country
  • Country where you can live with peace of mind
  • Social stability
  • The most liveable cities chosen by the world include Tokyo, Fukuoka and Kyoto
  • Comments from global companies on Japan’s excellent living environment

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